What is Endodontics?

Endodontics (root canal therapy) is a dental specialty that diagnoses, prevents, and treats a disease of the tooth pulp (inside of the tooth) and associated disease of the surrounding jaw tissues. Treatment modalities include non-surgical and surgical root canal therapy.


Does My Tooth Really Need a Root Canal?

A careful examination will be performed prior to any treatment to determine if endodontic therapy is indicated. Your treatment options will be presented, and you will have an opportunity to discuss your treatment needs with the doctor.


Will it Hurt?

A local anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment area. After that, it is rare to have painful sensations during treatment


How long does it Take?

Endodontic treatment is usually completed in one or two appointments. The treatment time varies according to the tooth being treated and is usually 60-90 minutes.


Will My Tooth Hurt After Treatment?

It is typical for the treated tooth to feel sore for a few days after your appointment. The doctor and staff will discuss how to manage the discomfort, and pain medication may be prescribed.


Are Root Canal Treatment Successful?

Treatment will not be recommended unless the doctor believes the chances of success are good. If the prognosis of the tooth is deemed poor at any time during treatment, you will be informed.


Financial Considerations

The fees vary greatly due to the nature and complexity of the procedure. You will be quoted a fee prior to treatment. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.


Patients Without Dental Insurance

Payment of the treatment is due at the time of treatment. We do offer financing for qualified patients through Care Credit, which includes interest-free monthly payment plans. To apply for Care Credit, please apply through this link prior to your appointment.


Patients with Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a contract between the insured (you), and the insurance company. We are in-network with major insurance carriers. As a service to you, we will complete and submit your insurance claim.

To submit your insurance claim, we need:

  1. Dental insurance card with the group number

  2. Insured’s Social Security number or ID number

  3. Insured’s date of birth

  4. Insured’s name

  5. Insured’s employer company name.


Will I Need an Appointment with My General Dentist after Endodontic Treatment?

YES. Schedule an appointment with your dentist soon after treatment. You will need to have a surface filling, or a crown placed to permanently seal the tooth. The doctor will discuss this with you.


To Change a Scheduled Appointment…

To expedite your visit, register on our website as soon as possible and call our office to schedule. Other patients are usually waiting for openings in our schedule. A 24-hour notice must be given, or you will be subjected to a fee.

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