Your Visit – What to Expect


If this is your first visit to our office, we ask that you read and complete our medical history and consent forms online. To expedite your registration we encourage you to complete these documents online from this link prior to your visit. If you prefer to do this paperwork in our office, please arrive fifteen minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time. Bring a list of all medications you are currently taking.  If your dentist provided you with a referral letter, please bring that as well.


Once all forms are completed and returned to the receptionist, an electronic medical record will be created for you.  To protect your privacy, all written forms are shredded and your electronic record stays on our secure servers which are HIPPA compliant.


A dental assistant will greet you and escort you to a dental operatory, where she will take x-rays of your teeth.  Your endodontist will then meet with you, review your dental history, and will conduct a brief exam of your teeth.  During this exam, some diagnostic testing may be conducted in order to either confirm or establish a diagnosis of your dental condition.  Your doctor will then discuss with you your treatment options and decide with you if endodontic treatment is right for you.  Your endodontist is happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have at that time.


In most cases, treatment will begin and may be completed that same day.  A second visit may be required for treating certain types of infections.  Endodontic microsurgery (apicoectomy or other surgical treatment) requires a consultation appointment and will not be performed on your initial visit.


Once the procedure is completed, post-treatment x-rays are taken ensure quality and success of the treatment.  This is also used to show and explain to you certain details of your treatment and answer any additional questions you might have.  A copy of these x-rays will be sent to your dentist along with a detailed report.


Your endodontist will go over details specific to you post-operatively including what to expect, pain medications, antibiotics, and any follow-ups that are recommended.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have.


Upon checkout, you will receive a post-operative instructions sheet for your reference that details what you should expect and what to do following endodontic treatment.  You will also have access to our answering service should you have any concerns.

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